As the line-up for X Factor live shows is confirmed, Cheryl opens up in a very moving way

Well that’s it, X Factor fans – the judges’ houses round is over and the line-up for live shows is finally complete. Yay!

Sadly this means that many contestants missed out on the chance to progress further in the competition though, a cruel fact that hasn’t been lost on judge Cheryl.


Cheryl’s husband Jean-Bernard is the perfect gentleman!

The former Girls Aloud star has reached out to the wannabes who didn’t make it in a surprisingly emotional message on Twitter, in which she’s encouraged them to keep on going and never give up. That’s the spirit, Chezza!

Awww, how sweet is that? Viewers watched Cheryl, 32, whittle down her groups category over the weekend, with her final line-up for live shows consisting of 4th Impact, Alien Uncovered and Reggie N Bollie.

Even though she feels bad for the ones who didn’t get through, Ms Fernandez-Versini is clearly chuffed with her choices…

Cheryl’s fans love how the singer gives thoughtful advice and encouragement, with one commenting: ‘you’re the best. Always so caring. Need more people like you. That is all’

Another wrote: ‘speaking with kind words is the way to go ❤ goodluck to you & your 3 😘 xo’

Cheryl seemed to be in high spirits as she exchanged Twitter messages with viewers during last night’s show and this positive attitude has extended to her Instagram rules.

After making her page private earlier this month – meaning only those who followed her could see her pictures – Chezza has had a change of heart and made her account available to all once again. Yay!

Yesterday she posed for a photo in the striking red and black jumpsuit she’d chosen to wear for X Factor and declared how confident she’s feeling about her contestants.

‘Good luck @ritaora and @nicholasgrimshaw you’re gonna need it 🙈✨#xfactor #judgeshouses,’ the Geordie star wrote.

Ooh, cheeky! We bet Cheryl will have lots more pearls of wisdom to share when the first X Factor live shows kick off on Saturday night.

Anna Francis