Cheryl Fernandez-Versisni revealed she's more confident than ever with her category...


Cheryl Fernandez-Versini‘s revealed that she’s absolutely certain one of her groups will win this year’s X Factor.


Speaking to Rochelle Humes on ITV’s This Morning, the reality judge said: ‘I absolutely one hundred percent believe a group could win the X Factor this year.’

She then admitted there were a couple of bands she was particularly certain of, before telling Rochelle: ‘I’m going to whisper to you when the cameras go off!’


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It was announced last month that Cheryl would be mentoring the groups, whilst Simon would take the overs, Rita the girls and Nick the boys.

And this weekend sees the contestants jet off to judges houses to perform for a place in the live shows which start on October 31st.

Cheryl’s groups will be going to Rome, a decision she said she made because: ‘You have to take into consideration the contestants and how they’re going to be feeling.’

‘I didn’t want jet lag, I didn’t want tired voices because it’s 4am. I wanted to give them pasta, I wanted them to be strong and ready.’

And strong and ready the groups will need to be if they’re to hit the top spot this year, in the entire 12 UK series of the show, there’s only ever been one group to steal the crown and that was Little Mix in 2011.

No pressure then, guys.

All of the groups have already had to change their names due to copyright reasons, so let’s hope 4th Impact, Alien Uncovered, Melody Stone, New Kings Order, Reggin n Bollie and BEKLN Mile have what it takes, eh?

See how much Cheryl has changed in the video below!