Whenever it happens, we think Chez'll be a great mother!

It’s 2016’s biggest mystery – is Cheryl pregnant, or not?

We’ve seen the ‘bump’ paparazzi shots. We’ve debated over the outfits that use clever cuts to draw attention away from her waist. And we’ve marvelled over her all-round happy glow for months now – but still, there’s no official word on whether or not she and boyfriend Liam Payne are expecting their first child.

When interviewed, her best friend Kimberley Walsh has done her best to field questions about it yet has expressed her belief that Cheryl will be a wonderful mother – whether it’s in the near or distant future.

And we can’t help but agree! Here are SIX reasons why Cheryl will be a great mum…

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She’s on point with her parenting advice!

Cheryl recently made her first live TV appearance in months on The One Show (2nd November 2016). There to discuss her new involvement in young people’s charity, Childline, Chez also had millions of viewers hoping that she’d reveal some exciting baby news…

GIF Cheryl X Factor

…but the public are still speculating. What was revealed, however, is that Cheryl’s got the know-how on how to get a baby to sleep. Chris Hoy said:

‘He’s two and he still hasn’t slept through, but Cheryl’s gave me a good tip, lavender oil and a humidifier.’

Who’d’ve thought Cheryl had such great tips for dealing with newborns?

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She loves being an aunt

Cheryl, 33, has previously spoken about her love for her nieces and nephews in the past, revealing how she’d love to have them backstage during her touring days. Speaking to Greg James in 2014, she explained how she had a great time with her big family during a small break from the spotlight: ‘I’ve got eleven nieces and nephews so I had a lot of kiddy fun.’

What’s more, since her friend Simon Cowell became a dad of Eric, she’s enjoyed posting the occasional pic of the heir to the X Factor throne – and it’s so clear she’s fond of children!

Look at Eric 😂😂😂 Mini @SIMONCOWELL but cute!! 😂😍

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And of course, she was right by the side of bestie and Girls Aloud mate Kimberley as she embarked upon her own motherhood journey. Here’s one of many tributes Chez has made to Kim’s first-born, Bobby:

She spoils her dogs rotten

Dogs are kind of like children, right? And if so, Cheryl’s had plenty of practice with her pups. Before she began her social media cutback at the beginning of the year, Coco and Buster made frequent appearances – and she was no strange to treating them to Snapchat filter on them. Exhibit A:


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They’re clearly her pride and joy – and she and Liam even share a black chihuahua:

She’s a singer

Though this isn’t a necessity to be a boss at parenting, who better than a chart-topper to sing sweet lullabies to a baby?


She loves to cook

Since this is 2016 and not 1956, we know that women are more than their skills in the kitchen. But the fact that Cheryl loves to whip up a good meal can’t hurt – children love food! Back in May, she told Jamie Oliver that she was a massive fan of his recipes, and ‘BBQ chicken… spag Bol, I make good roast potatoes!’

She’s a great mentor

Years of being an X Factor judge have proven her skills at nurturing those with less experience, with kind words and constructive criticism. And it clearly works – she’s been the winning mentor twice, and last series saw her act Reggie ‘N Bollie come in at second place!

Cheryl and Reggie N Bollie

Cheryl and Reggie N Bollie