Hide your eyes, Gwyneth Paltrow – your ex Chris Martin is looking hot

What’s happened to Chris Martin recently? We can’t take our eyes off the rippling muscles bulging beneath his T-shirt!

Before he hooked up with Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris was a nerdy, lanky music type we wouldn’t have given a second look.

But after hanging out in the LA sunshine with Gwynnie‘s A-list mates and embracing her macrobiotic lifestyle, the 37-year-old’s upped his cool factor and is rocking some serious swagger. He’s even taken to *gasp* smiling on a regular basis.

Poor Gwynnie, 41, must be gutted – conscious uncoupling seems to suit him.

Back then…

Liam Gallagher once branded Chris a geography teacher’ masquerading as a pop star.  

His unkempt curls did little for his sex appeal – now at last he’s discovered the shears and shaved years off his look.

His ex-girlfriend Emma Holland claimed Chris used to have toxic smelling feet’. In an open letter to Gwyneth in 2003, Emma painted a less than savoury image of the chart-topper. Describing their time together, she wrote: My lasting memory of Chris? Him creeping out of my bedroom window with a rucksack containing his rancid smelling socks.’ Nice.

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