Benedict spent a lot of his childhood in Greece

Benedict Cumberbatch knows where he’ll one day be taking his kids on holiday.

There’s a special place in the actor’s heart for a particular region of Greece, which he loves because it’s safe for little ones and he had a lot of fun there as a youngster.

‘I spent a lot of my childhood in Greece in a place I won’t talk about because it’s a bit of a sanctuary for me,’ says Benedict, 37.

‘I’m mad about the food, the culture and that life revolves around the family. It’s so child-friendly and very relaxing.’

Benedict is single after splitting from long-term love Olivia Poulet in 2011 but has previously revealed that he can’t wait to have kids, saying he’s ‘been broody since he was 12’.

Despite having such a fondness for Greece, it seems as though the Hammersmith-born star is most likely to bring his children up in London.

‘Absolutely top of my list. I adore London,’ Benedict tells British Airways’ High Life.

‘It’s one of the most exciting cities in the world. I couldn’t be more proud of our city.’

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