The generous couple enjoy meal with friends

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie forked out £2,935 on a meal at Mogul curry house in Bagshot, Surrey, yesterday.

The Hollywood stars treated friends and 2 of their bodyguards to the feast – which included a ‘mountain’ of food and a few bottles of top champagne.

‘The staff couldn’t believe it when Brad and Angelina Jolie walked in – they’d been given no prior warning,’ says a source.

‘It might seem hard to believe that they ran up a bill of nearly £3,000 at a normal curry house but they are really generous and extravagant.’

The couple – who have moved to Surrey while Ange, 36, films her new movie – gave the staff a whopping £733.75 tip.

But Brad, 48, and his fiancée weren’t willing to pose for a photo.

‘They said they were just relaxing,’ the source tells The Sun, ‘and would do one next time they came in.’

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Esme Riley