Chantelle's ex-husband still cares about her

Preston is worried about how his ex-wife Chantelle Houghton is dealing with her split from fiancé Alex Reid.

The Celebrity Big Brother star – who was married to Chantelle, 29, for a year after meeting her on the show in 2006 – hates seeing her so upset.

‘I know her so well and because I care for her, it was really horrible for me that it was horrible for her,’ says Preston, 30.

‘I know how difficult a relationship in the spotlight can be because it happened to us. I felt really, really bad for her.’

Preston thinks Chantelle and Alex, 37, were an ‘absolute clash of personalities’ and he’s sure she’ll one day settle down with someone who isn’t in the public eye.

He says his ex has a ‘good support unit’ and that with their help she and 4-month-old daughter Dolly will make it through this tough time.

‘She’s so strong,’ says Preston.

‘I think anyone else in that situation would have been absolutely broken by it but I think she uses the interviews and her column as a kind of weird public therapy.’

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Anna Duff