Chantelle lets rip on Twitter

Chantelle Houghton has launched an astonishing foul-mouthed Twitter rant against ex-fiancé Alex Reid.

The Celebrity Big Brother winner has told her followers that she’d been in a ‘f*cking bad place’ for weeks after finding out that Alex, 37, had gone behind her back as alter ego Roxanne.

‘I found text messages on Alex‘s phone when she [daughter Dolly] was 6 weeks old, it was to a man and he was arranging to meet up with him as Roxanne for sex. It wasn’t the first time either,’ Tweets Chantelle, 29.

‘And NO I didn’t know Alex cross dressed cos he told me it was a publicity stunt, I found out when I was pregnant.’

Chantelle also alleges that Alex was seeing another woman while she was expecting Dolly and that he didn’t visit the 4-month-old last week because he was ‘busy in a hotel’.

‘Oh and yes when I was 8 months pregnant Alex turned my house into a sex dungeon and I slept on my flat floor for days cos I couldn’t come home,’ claims Chantelle.

‘not forgetting the hookers he was texting that he’d had orgies with. Forgive me if I look like sh*t right now but I f*cking feel it.

‘Now I know what Katie price went through and she got the blame back then! I will walk to the end of the earth for my daughter and he will not be getting my money nor will he get Dolly‘s money.’

A spokesperson for Alex declined to comment to Now Online.

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