Alex Reid is 'knighted' in Wiltshire

Alex Reid took Chantelle Houghton to watch him get knighted into the Ancient Order Of Druids last week.

The cagefighter, wearing a hooded robe, visited Stonehenge with his girlfriend for the bizarre ceremony. He knelt in front of a bearded man who ordained him with a sword.

Alex is now a Druid and will take part in rituals, meditation, solar and lunar knowledge and self-discipline. In ancient times Druids were priests, teachers and magicians.

‘Meeting King Arthur today & being Knighted! Hmmm, just another day at the office in Reid Land,’ Alex, 36, Tweeted.

Alex took a trip to Stonehenge back in back in February to ‘find peace and draw energy from the earth’ following his split from wife Katie Price, 33.

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