Charlotte Crosby supports her Geordie Shore pal

Charlotte Crosby is one busy lady. If she’s not throwing herself into the craziness that is the Geordie Shore house, she’s packing her bags and embarking on an adventure around the world for her new TV show The Charlotte Crosby Experience.

Charlotte, 23, thinks Geordie Shore housemate Vicky Pattison is looking amazing right now.

‘She really does,’ Charlotte tells us. ‘She’s done a great job. I’ll definitely be trying to live by the rule of Vicky when I’m in the house.

And Charlotte understands why Vicky wants a boob job since she lost so much weight.

‘I think she should go for it. If it will make her feel more confident, then I totally agree with the decision.

‘But no boob job for me. I’m definitely too scared to have that kind of thing.’

The Charlotte Crosby Experience is on TLC on Tuesdays at 9pm 

Read the full interview with Charlotte Crosby in this week’s Now magazine dated 12 May 2014 – download the digital edition now!

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