Cheryl Cole thought the reporters were having a dig at her


Cheryl Cole wasn’t impressed when she was tricked by pranksters from a new BBC3 show backstage at a gig earlier this month.

The 28-year-old singer is reported to have walked away from an interview at Capital FM‘s Summertime Ball when she was repeatedly asked a bizarre philosophical question.

Cheryl was happy to chat to the BBC, but it was a bit odd when they started asking her: “Why are we here?”‘ a source claims in th Daily Mirror’s 3am.

‘She took it to mean: “Why are we here at this event?” So she said that she was here promoting her new single and performing.

‘They repeated: “Why are we here?” At that point, it seemed like a dig at her for not being worthy of being on the same bill as The Wanted and Jessie J.

‘They repeated it again, this time saying: “Why are we here on Earth?” There was a slight pause, and then Cheryl walked off.

‘It was obvious by then they were being daft.’

Cheryl was being filmed for new comedy programme The Revolution Will Be Televised, which will air later this year.

She denies she quit the interview.

@3am Fyi.. I have never walked out of an interview in my career,’ she Tweets. ‘I had to be reminded of what your even referring to.. Stop telling lies lol.’

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