Cheryl was worried about her health

Cheryl Cole has revealed that she went for an STI test after finding out her ex-husband Ashley Cole had been unfaithful to her.

The singer was embarrassed when a group of paparazzi snapped her as she went to find out whether she’d caught any infections from Ashley, 31.

‘One day I went for a sexual health check, which was traumatic enough without having a pack of men pointing cameras at me and following me to the clinic,’ says Cheryl, 29.

‘I had to face the fact that Ashley‘s infidelity had been putting me at risk for a long time, and I had to put my mind at rest.’

Cheryl – who’s now loved-up with dancer Tre Holloway – says she vomited when she first read reports of Ashley‘s adultery in newspapers and then cried every day for two months.

She was worried that she’d fall into a ‘dark depression’ after she was left living in their 6-bedroom home by herself.

‘I was given the all clear, but my emotional health was still in so much danger,’ Cheryl writes in her autobiography My Story.

‘Having to deal with crap like that.’

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