The pair are on better terms now

Cheryl Cole and Louis Walsh have made up after she slagged off his management of Girls Aloud.

The war kicked off when Cheryl complained that Louis, 59, wasn’t very hands-on when he worked with the band following their win on Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

Louis claimed to be our manager but he never did it,’ Cheryl, 28, told Marie Claire.

‘We didn’t talk to him or anything like that.

‘He just took a cheque.’

Louis was shocked and angered by Cheryl‘s words, quickly putting an end to their friendship, calling her ‘fake’ and labelling himself a better manager than she is singer.

But Cheryl decided enough was enough and decided to get in touch with Louis and repair their relationship.

‘Spoke to Mr. Walsh.. And he asked me to post his text as he does NOT have twitter.. #chezzafromtheblockcameouttoplay,’ Cheryl Tweeted last night, before writing out his message:

‘Hello Cheryl !! Princess of pop and biggest hair in the land!!!! Let’s call a truce to all this stuff in the press and things that happened ten years ago !!

‘We always had fun on the x factor and I always defended u against the wicked cowell !! We used to have great fun and life is too short u and I always said !!

‘I’m looking forward to your new music and think u shud come on the xfsctor live show to perform !!!! Keep smiling and send me some new product !!!! Louis Walsh still on x factor !!!

‘See u soon hello to lily and blue !! P.S are they really your eyelashes!! LOL xxxxx.’


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