Wayne's wife defends herself on Twitter

Coleen Rooney ended up in a bitter¬†Twitter spat at the weekend after being accused of ‘treating special needs people with contempt’ on a day out with her family.

The WAG, 28 – whose late sister Rosie suffered from Rett syndrome – hit back after a fan accused her of having a ‘venomous’ tone when telling him she couldn’t stop and chat.

The angry Twitter user claimed she was ‘vilifying’ disabled people as he’d been with ‘underprivileged children’ who’d asked her for an autograph.

‘I treat everyone the same, as I DID my sister! If I said I was busy with my family I MUST have been busy with my family!!’ Tweeted Coleen.

‘on days out my children are my MAIN priority and if am running round after them (which I usually am) it’s hard to stop and take photos etc! If am able too I always DO!!’

The disappointed admirer continued by saying that Coleen had ‘upset quite a few kids’ before saying she had a ‘poor attitude’ and that she should ‘use her unearned status for good’.

But Wayne‘s wife – who has sons Kai and Klay – was adamant that she had nothing to apologise for and that there would have been a good explanation as to why she didn’t say hello.

‘please please do not tell me about disability … My sister could not WALK, TALK, EAT, DRINK…. So I know first hand about disabilities ….,’ Tweeted Coleen.

‘If my family could not do something at the time… We COULD NOT do it!! End of!!

‘you don’t know me personally so judge me when you do!! I never did something and it was for a reason and that’s the point!!’

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