Chelsea footballer Ashley has interesting plans for the future

If Ashley Cole can’t talk Cheryl Cole into giving their marriage another go over Christmas, has a plan to win her back – eventually.

Sources close to Ashley, 30, say he’s also made a shocking proposal that he and Cheryl, 28, make a pact to get back together in five or 10 years when both their careers have settled down and they’re ready.

He was honest with her, saying they should wait until life calms down for both of them,’ reveals a friend.

That could even mean when his football career approaches an end.

‘They’re planning to discuss this when they meet.’

Ashley‘s proposal shocked Cheryl, but it’s just the latest twist in the couple’s ongoing love story.

She called time on their three-and-a-half-year marriage in February 2010 after Ashley faced a string of cheating allegations.

Yet she’s maintained since that the love rat footy star will always be part of her present’, rather than my past’.

In a recent interview, Cheryl also said she’s now concentrating less on work, work, work and more about making time to chill and be with friends and family’.

It was a hint that her priorities might be changing.

People have given up trying to tell Cheryl what to do in her love life,’ says a friend.

Cheryl now thinks she should forget what Ashley‘s supposed to have done in the past.

‘From her point of view, he’s just a really sweet guy, who’s made mistakes, but who’s never acted in anything but a loving way towards her.

‘He sends messages that make her feel good about herself and she’s very happy he’s still in her life.’

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