Baby mama-to-be Kim Kardashian keeps her skin covered up

Kim Kardashian admits some of the things she’s chosen to wear while pregnant haven’t really worked.

But the reality star, who is expecting her first baby with rapper Kanye West, 35, doesn’t want to look frumpy.

‘I’ve tried to stick to what I’d usually wear but you obviously have to change it a little bit,’ says Kim, 32. ‘You try things you think will work, but they don’t always work!

‘Anything stretchy works.

‘So long as you feel good in something, you’ll feel sexy, too.’

Kim wants to be a yummy mummy. 

‘I think there are different versions of sexy,’ she says.

‘There’s overly sexy, where you’re showing off and it’s, like, short and tight.

‘Then there’s sophisticated and sexy; and then there’s effortless and sexy, not showing any skin.

‘You can wear a turtleneck and have that be super-sexy.

‘I guess it depends on what sexiness is to you.

‘To me, now, it’s not showing everything like it once was, when I felt I wanted to wear the skintight short dress with boobs out.

‘Now I don’t feel like that’s what it takes to be sexy.’

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