WORLD EXCLUSIVE One Direction's Irish teen idol has great family support

Cheeky Irish One Direction star Niall Horan isn’t very often in his home town of Mullingar now he’s touring with one of the world’s biggest pop bands.

‘I don’t get to go home as much as I used to, which is a shame,’ Niall, 19, tells Now’s Dan Wootton.

‘But I don’t mind because my mum moved over to London to look after me.

‘I rented her a house just around the corner.’

So she isn’t allowed to cramp Niall‘s style?

‘No way!’ he grins.

‘She can come round and do my washing and that, but she isn’t staying.’

Read Dan Wootton‘s full interview with Niall Horan in Now magazine dated 5 November – out now! 


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