James and his father had a difficult time but are now close again

Sir Paul McCartneys son James has never been in the celebrity spotlight and is softy-spoken and sensitive.

But James is now nearing the end of a 47-date, 27-state American tour and is more comfortable talking about himself.

‘I’m naturally guarded because of the way I was brought up,’ he explains.

‘I understand people want to know more about me, but it’s hard to know how much to divulge of my personal life. I’ve never talked like this before. I wouldn’t want my dad to be upset. I don’t want to weird him out.’

James‘s mum Linda died in Arizona in 1998, when he was 20, and he and dad Paul did their best to comfort each other.

‘We were both grieving together,’ James, 35, tells the Mail On Sunday. ‘That first night, in Arizona, when she’d just died I thought it would be too sad for Dad to sleep on his own so I kept him company.’

After losing his mother, James admits he got ‘more and more into drugs’ (though nothing hard, he explains) and after a week in rehab in the US, went to live in a rented home in Brighton. But now he’s back at the family’s East Sussex farm.

‘I went a long time without seeing Dad. We drifted apart. We would talk on the phone every few months, but we went a long time without seeing each other. It was sad for both of us,’ he recalls.

‘I removed myself from my family for a while. Now I want to immerse myself in them.

‘I love Dad so much. I’m in a happy place. I’m not high, which is a good thing. I just want to be the best person I can be.’

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