The chef and his family have fun with Brad and Ange

Jamie Oliver and his family enjoy spending time with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s brood.

The chef and his wife Jools are pals with the Hollywood couple and when they meet up their children play while Jamie talks about cooking shows with Brad, 48.

Brad and Angelina have a lovely family, with kids all over the place like ours,’ says Jamie, 37.

‘We see them about once a year because we have mutual friends. When they’re doing something over here, we get together and have a laugh.’

Jamie has known Brad since the actor’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston flew him over to LA to cater a birthday party a few years ago.

While he’s now close to Angelina, 37, as well, he hasn’t been given any details about her and Brad‘s upcoming nuptials.

‘Am I expecting an invitation to their wedding? No,’ says Jamie.

‘I don’t even know when they’re getting married!’

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Anna Duff