The late presenter's family remove the stone out of 'respect to public opinion'


Jimmy Savile‘s family have had his £4,000 headstone removed and put into a skip to be used as landfill after allegations that he abused young girls.

It took two hours for undertakers to remove the 6ft wide by 4ft tall structure from Scarborough’s Woodlands Cemetery in the middle of the night while police kept guard.

‘The family members are deeply aware of the impact that the stone remaining there could have on the dignity and sanctity of the cemetery,’ say the Saviles in a statement.

‘Out of respect to public opinion, to those who are buried there, and to those who tend their graves and visit there, we have decided to remove it.’

Jimmy‘s headstone – which was commissioned after he died aged 84 last year – had taken 8 months to create and was only unveiled in the graveyard three weeks ago.

It’s thought the TV presenter’s family were worried it’d be attacked after the gold civic society plaque outside his home was scrawled with the slurs ‘rapist’ and ‘paedophile’.

‘For the foreseeable future the grave will remain unmarked,’ funeral director Robert Morphet tells the Daily Mail.

‘The family will decide at some future point what to do.’

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Anna Duff