Josie isn't ready to start a family with Luke Sanwo


Josie Gibson has spent all week thinking about her past – and how much her life has changed since winning Big Brother 2010.

‘So many of my family and friends are proud of my success and achievements and I love ’em for it,’ Josie, 27, tells us.

‘But the problem with raking up the past is that it puts me in a proper bad mood.

Lukey’s spent hours trying to calm me down, bless him.

‘For my part, I just want to reassure him that the Gibson clan isn’t like the Sopranos.

‘I’ve been thinking long and hard about family all week.

Lukey’s been broody for ages and maybe, in time, we’ll have the babies that he longs for.

‘Raising a family isn’t easy and I don’t want to end up making mistakes and ruining everything.

‘I’m not in any rush to become a mum.

‘I need to make sure my own family’s happy before I start a new one…’

Read Josie Gibson‘s full Just Josie! column in Now magazine dated 22 October 2012 – out now!


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