Josie has been working hard


Josie Gibson and boyfriend Luke Sanwo are putting the finishing touches to their home in Bristol.

‘I’ve decided getting a bloke is like buying a run-down old house,’ Josie, 27, tells us.

‘You take ’em on when they’re rough around the edges but you can see the potential.

‘You start work and it’s all going well.

‘Then you realise there’s more to do than you intended and you think about selling him on and cutting your losses.

‘Some mornings you wake up and remember what you loved about it to begin with, then other mornings you wake up and want shot of the whole bloody lot.

‘Then you get in one evening and see your hard work has started to take shape and the end is in sight.

‘You’ve doubled your money by turning what was a nightmare into a dream scenario, all your mates are jealous and you realise all the tears and manual labour were worth it.’

Read Josie Gibson‘s full column Just Josie! in Now magazine dated 29 October – out now!

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