Little Belle is a strong baby


Katie Piper was very proud of her baby daughter Belle Elizabeth on Monday.

The TV presenter, 30, took two-month-old Belle to get an inoculation and thought she did amazingly well to stay so calm throughout the procedure.

‘My little girl has taken after me- a high pain fresh hold! Very brave today having her first jab! #bestronglittlelady,’ Tweeted Katie.

‘Threshold sorry not fresh hold! Whoops! #tired.’

Katie is no stranger to needles herself – she was the victim of a horrific acid attack in 2008 and has since endured numerous operations.

The inspirational star suffered serious damage to her face, lungs, throat, arms, hands, neck and chest when ex Daniel Lynch arranged for sulphuric acid to be thrown over her.

Despite being so accustomed to hospital visits, Katie was still keen for her carpenter boyfriend James to help her with little Belle‘s shot.

‘Dad had to hold whilst I wittered on to her and stroked her head! X,’ Tweeted Katie.

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