Kristen is honest about herself

Kristen Stewart reckons it’s natural for her to look a little awkward. 

The actress is often described as appearing moody when she’s snapped out and about, but she says this is just part of her personality.

‘I’m a miserable c**t! I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits,’ says Kristen, 22.

‘There are such different versions of happy. And I really appreciate both.’

Kristen definitely appears to be ‘comfortable’ baring her bod on screen – she played a stripper in 2010’s Welcome To The Rileys and will be seen topless in new flick On The Road.

But if her career ever flounders, she wants to use her brain.

‘I’d probably go back to school,’ Kristen tells Marie Claire.

‘Read a lot and figure out what I should do.’

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Anna Duff