Is Liam talking about a girl?

Liam Payne has puzzled One Direction fans this morning with some very mysterious Tweets.

The singer’s messages – which Directioners reckon may be song lyrics – sound pretty romantic and have left devotees wondering if they’re about a particular girl.

‘Can’t be without you,’ Tweeted Liam, 20.

‘Worse thing I ever did was let you go. No all I got left is the thought of you.’

Liam ended things with long-term girlfriend Danielle Peazer in May 2013 and is now dating old school pal Sophia Smith, although they were recently reported to be going through a ‘rocky patch’.

The Wolverhampton-born star is currently away from Sophia, 20, while travelling around South America on 1D‘s Where We Are world tour.

Liam‘s admirers were clearly concerned about him after reading his posts as the hashtag #CheerUpLiam started trending worldwide on Twitter.

Another topic that went viral around the globe was Danielle or Sophia, following speculation that Liam‘s mysterious comments referred to one of his love interests.

‘is liam talking about danielle or sophia or it’s just song lyrics i’m confused,’ Tweeted one.

Another wrote: ‘Heeeeyyy why are people fighting over whether his tweets are about danielle or sophia lmao you never know it could be about his pet turtles.’

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Anna Duff