The singer tells devotees how good they are at art

Liam Payne is wowed by some One Direction fan art.

The singer, 20, shared two pictures that Directioners had drawn of him and his bandmates on Twitter this week and told the artists how talented he thought they were.

One devotee had scribbled an impressive piece which showed Liam and a pal with their arms around each other.

In the image, Liam is wearing a cap and a vest – and the author hasn’t forgotten to pencil in his bushy stubble and a crop of hairs popping out of his top.

‘great drawing babe :),’ Tweeted Liam, who’s currently in Brazil on 1D‘s Where We Are tour.

Another very creative admirer depicted herself drawing the lads on an easel, with Niall Horan‘s hand poking out of the canvas to hold hers.

All five of the boys are pulling funny faces in the artwork and have been made to look very lifelike with incredibly skilled black and white strokes.

‘that’s so amazing,’ Liam told the follower.

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Anna Duff