How did he afford those rings?

According to a New York Times article, when Cheryl Cole‘s new husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini was just 21 he was living quite the playboy lifestyle while studying for a business degree at New York University.

But as everyone scrambled to find information on JB, he appeared harder to pin down than the invisible man.

According to JB’s friend and Cosy Box business partner Franck Twister, who’s known him since he was 11, Cheryl’s new hubby actually comes from quite a humble background.

Franck reveals that JB’s mum died of cancer when he was 25, leaving the only child to look out for his builder dad.

Which begs the question, how on earth could the 33-year-old afford such a lavish wedding and a £300,000 engagement ring?

He doesn’t use Twitter and since tying the knot, his LinkedIn and Myspace pages have mysteriously been deleted.

Yet JB seems to have impressed shrewd businessman Simon Cowell, who’s said to be planning to go into business with him.

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