Nicola gave her husband an ultimatum after discovering his £30,000-a-week habit

Nicola McLean threatened to end her 3-year marriage to husband Tom Williams when she discovered his £30,000-a-week gambling addiction had left him with a £1 million debt.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate had no idea about Tom‘s secret life until a bailiff arrived at their door in Buckinghamshire to tell them they’d lose their home if they didn’t pay their bills.

‘It consumed Tom‘s life. Nobody knew. It was a covert operation and he was drained by it. He didn’t know where it was going to stop,’ Nicola, 31, revealed to The People.

‘I told Tom there and then that if he didn’t face up to the truth and get professional help we would be over.

‘I gave him an ultimatum. I told Tom he would lose me and the kids. He tried to lie so I told him that was it.’

But then Tom agreed to get immediate help for his ‘evil’ addiction.

Nicola drove the Notts County footballer, 32, to the nearest Gambling Anonymous meeting later that day and he now hasn’t placed a bet for over 18 months.

‘I love my husband and couldn’t be more proud of him no ones prefect but we are prefect for each other!!!’ Tweets Nicola.

Nicola and Tom are mum and dad to sons Rocky, 5, and Striker, 2.

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