Unairbrushed (stretchmarks and all), the model mum goes nude

When Nicola McLean, 31, looks in the mirror, she doesn’t love anything about herself.

‘I hate my eyes – they’re too small and I have a squint. I’m really ugly without make-up, so I always wear it,’ she tells us in our exclusive interview.

‘It makes me feel more confident.  I have such bad body dysmorphia.

‘I was bullied at school for being ugly and it stayed with me.

‘I changed everything I hated about myself, like my teeth, boobs and hair, but I still don’t love anything – only the fake bits.’

Nicola has had two boobs jobs to take her to a 32G and other ‘self improvements’.

‘I have Botox regularly, I’ve got hair extensions and I had Lipoglaze at Harley Street clinic LoveLite for my muffin top,’ reveals Nicola.

‘I’ve also had veneers because my teeth were wonky.

‘They’d eroded because of my bulimia.’

Read the full interview with Nicola McLean in Now magazine dated 5 November 2012 – out now!


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