Some One Directioners get hysterical

Zayn Malik has quite a startling effect on some One Direction fans.

One of the group’s devoted followers got so overexcited when she met the 19-year-old singer that she ended up fainting.

‘I was at a signing and a few girls were walking past, 2 were walking together,’ says Zayn.

‘One reached out to touch my hand and after that she just passed out.

‘She was gone, cold, on the floor.’

It’s just as well the overwhelmed Directioner didn’t need any urgent medical attention.

The pal she’d gone to see 1D with was too focused on making the most of her time with the boys to check if she was ok.

‘Her friend just left her on the floor and carried on taking pictures,’ Zayn tells the Daily Mirror.

‘I was shocked.’

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Anna Duff

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