The couple are in different parts of the country


Peter Andre‘s been preparing for a series of gigs, starting with Butlins in Minehead, and doing promotional work for his new café in Brighton.

He’s also working on various campaigns, including launching his own cancer foundation in support of his brother Andrew, who’s battling the disease.

For most of this time, girlfriend Emily McDonaugh stays in Bristol, studying and going out with her friends.

And sources tell Now that, while Pete’s feelings for Emily haven’t changed, they now spend significant time apart compared to when they first got together three months ago.

The worry for Pete is that their lives are heading in different directions.

Emily’s a medical student and is only 23 – and at 39, Pete’s at a completely different stage in his life, with commitments that she couldn’t understand.

‘One of the drains is this ongoing court battle with Katie,’ reveals a friend.

‘It’s hard for someone as young as Emily to be dragged into that.’

It doesn’t stop there.

The source says there have been other signs that are making the generation gap obvious, though his publicist denies this.

‘The other day, Pete was showing Emily pictures from his Mysterious Girl heyday and talking about his success,’ a source reveals.

Emily joked that she was just a child when it came out and doesn’t remember him.

‘Usually he’d laugh, but not this time. He has said he worries he’s too old for Emily.’

Another concern that Pete has is Emily going out without him.

It plays on his mind, even though he trusts her completely.

Pete can get very jealous, but he can’t say anything because he doesn’t want to cause a problem,’ adds the source.

‘He worries that men her own age could be hitting on her as she’s such a pretty girl.’

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