The reality star has a gene which leaves her more likely to develop breast cancer

Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she underwent a double mastectomy after finding out she has a gene that makes her predisposed to developing breast cancer.

Sharon, 60, visited doctors about a leaking breast implant last year and made the brave decision to have her breasts removed as well as her silicone implants in a 13-hour operation.

‘When I went in to see my surgeon about the leaky breast implant, he told me that my leak was so bad that it had leaked into my stomach wall. It was a mess,’ says Sharon.

‘When I was talking to him I made the decision there and then to have not just the implants removed but both breasts as well. I said: “Just take everything off.”‘

Sharon describes her breasts now as being ‘very small’ after they were reconstructed during the surgery.

But the reality star – who’s previously battled colon cancer –  is happy and has a ‘freedom she didn’t feel before’.

‘When you carry the breast cancer gene, you have to have mammograms every six months, and it’s almost as though you have a ticking time bomb inside you,’ Sharon tells Hello!

‘I didn’t want to live under that cloud – worrying every time I felt a tiny lump and counting down the days until the next mammogram.’

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Anna Duff