Myleene married Graham Quinn last year

Singer Myleene Klass is still in shock after husband Graham Quinn walked out on her and their two little girls, Ava, 4, and Hero, 14 months.

Security firm boss Graham told Myleene their short marriage was over in April and left the £3.2 million family home they shared in Hertfordhire to move into a flat.

Ava and Hero don’t know that their parents have split.

‘How can I tell them their daddy is never coming home? How do you tell a young child their father doesn’t want to be with them any more?’ says Myleene, a friends tells The Sun.

‘I’ve never been so hurt – how could he do this? It’s heartbreaking for me but it will even more devastating for Ava and Hero.

‘I never thought this day would come. I married for life, but now it’s over.’

Myleene wanted to talk things through, but Graham, 38, had made his decision.

Myleene begged him to stay – she thought there must be a way they could make it work,’ the friends tells the Daily Mail.

‘But he’s barely spoken to her since. No one can understand it – of course they had their problems, just like any couple, but there was no warning sign, no big row beforehand.’

Most showbiz observers thought talented musician and TV presenter Myleene would never get round to marrying Graham (who she calls Gray), but they went ahead with a secret wedding in October last year.

The love of her life, they met in 2001 when he provided security for her former band.

‘He’s the fieriest Irishman I’ve ever met,’ she told us last year, ‘which is one of the most attractive qualities ever because he’s strong.

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