The actress admires shapely women

Catherine Tyldesley thinks Kim Kardashian has got a pretty sexy body.

The Coronation Street star loves it when women showcase their curviness and admires Kim, 33, for doing just that.

Kim Kardashian has an ideal shape,’ says Catherine, 30.

But then it’s difficult to say what is ideal. She has the money to train every day and employ chefs.

But it is refreshing to see a woman who embraces her curves.’

Catherine famously slimmed down from a size 22 to a size 10 by shedding 6st and continues to follow a healthy diet but still likes to be a bit shapely.

It’s about being educated about food and balanced, sensible eating,’ the actress tells the Mirror.

I have a cheat meal once a week though, like a roast. I’m curvy and I do embrace that.’

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