Adele's new video has got the director clawing to cast her in one of his movies


We all know that Adele’s voice is Oscar-winning – but now she has the chance to actually get her mitts on one for acting, yes acting, as the director of her new video ‘Hello’ has offered her a film role.


Xavier Dolan thought that her performance in the new music video was so inspiring that he’s willing to cast her in one of his movies, telling BBC’s Newsbeat: ‘If she’s in, I’m in. [But] will she want to commit to acting?’

But while Xavier is up for it, the superstar-singer, whose new album is set to be released on 20 November, did not have faith in her acting abilities while filming.

‘She was saying how much she was an awful actor and she couldn’t do complicated things and could only move objects,’ Xavier explains. ‘We got on set, slowly she would watch all the takes and I think she saw herself and understood she was quite a credible actor.’

While that certainly is flattering, the respect between the two of them is mutual. Adele approached the Canadian director after watching one of his films, which are typically about love and romance – something of a speciality for the platinum-selling ballad singer.


Since her new album 25 is all about Adele growing and forgiving herself for past mistakes, maybe this is also an opportunity to grow past any on screen insecurities she may have and you never know, she could be conquering acting just like she has with music. With all the James Bond Spectre-hype, and her past success with the franchise, we think she’s definitely got Bond girl potential.

If this music video is anything to go by, we’re sure we’ll be seeing her at Cannes pretty soon.

Tom Capon