Mark Wright amuses his followers by showing off a very different hairstyle courtesy of Michelle Keegan

It’s often said that marriage involves compromise and it looks like newlyweds Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have already nailed this in a hilarious way.

Mark and Michelle – who tied the knot in a lavish ceremony held in Bury St Edmunds in May – made an agreement during a cosy night in over the weekend which kept both parties happy. Well, happyish in Mark’s case…

The former TOWIE star, 28, agreed to let gorgeous wife Michelle PLAIT his hair in exchange for her allowing him to watch football. Not a bad deal, if you ask us!

But Mark didn’t look too impressed when he took a selfie to show off his, um, interesting new look with his social media fans after Michelle, 28, had finished braiding his locks.

‘Look what Iv had to deal with tonight !! I can watch the footy if she can do this to my Barnet !!’ the Essex boy jokingly captioned a photo on Instagram.

Mark also posted the snap on Twitter, which shows him posing topless whilst Michelle sits behind him and admires her handiwork.

The TV star’s followers were very amused by the snap, though many weren’t too keen on the new Mark Wright ‘do.

‘cringe cringe cringe,’ one commented, whilst another admirer in favour of the braided barnet wrote: ‘actually suits you’

Others just thought it was pretty adorable that Mark would let Michelle do that to his tresses.

‘marriage is about compromise and bribery lol at least u both look comfy,’ one fan joked.

Another added: ‘awww it’s cute #perfectcouple. X’

The style didn’t stay in for long unfortunately. When one of Mark’s pals Tweeted him suggesting that he take the plaits out, Mr Wright confessed that he’d already done so…

Awww, and after all Michelle’s hard work too!

Despite the hair ‘mare it’s nice to see that Mark and Michelle are enjoying their downtime together after a very busy fortnight, in which they’ve travelled to Los Angeles and New York.

The newlyweds both attended work meetings during their time in LA before heading to the Big Apple to relax and hang out with some of Mark’s relatives last week.

Maybe Mark will bring back the braids next time he’s stateside? Or, erm, maybe not.

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