EastEnders star Jacqueline Jossa has shared a video of her as a baby on Instagram - and looks so much like daughter Ella in it that her followers were fooled!

With Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne for parents, daughter Ella was always going to be a beautiful baby – but it turns out she’s inherited more of her famous mum’s good looks than her dad’s, as the EastEnders star’s latest Instagram post proves.

Gorgeous Jacqueline shared a throwback video clip that shows her as a baby – and she looks EXACTLY like little Ella in it!

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Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny, from the big, brown eyes to the cheeky smile – even right down to the wispy brown locks pulled into a cute high ponytail! Check out the video here.

Jac captioned the post: ‘This was me as a baby, how much do I look like ella.’

And her followers were quick to agree.

One wrote: ‘Omg ! I thought it was yr daughter! Spitting image!’

Another commented: ‘Wow!!! I watched the video twice thinking how happy Ella looked and then I read your caption. That’s mad, you’re literally identical!!’

Whilst another said: ‘She’s gonna be another beauty then.’

It would certainly look that way!

Jacqueline and former TOWIE star Dan welcomed little Ella into the world back in February, just after Valentine’s Day.

Since then, we’ve loved watching her grow thanks to endless snaps and selfies shared by her proud parents.

By two months old, it was clear she was turning into a Jacqueline mini-me, having grown a mop of dark hair.

Unbelievably, a cruel troll labelled cute Ella ‘the ugliest baby I have ever seen’, causing Jacqueline to hit back: ‘Vile! Shut the f*ck up please, get yourself off this picture, if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.

‘Shouldn’t be commenting on any picture calling someone ugly, let alone a baby. People like you make me sick.’

After all that drama, the couple took Ella on her first family holiday – and the snaps were predictably adorable!