Teen says being stick thin is not sexy


Daisy Lowe has vowed not to lose weight to get more modelling gigs.

The fashionista is a curvy size 10 to 12 and is happy with her figure.

‘I am who I am,’ she says. ‘My old agents in New York suggested I lose weight to get more work. So I moved agent.

‘I’m extremely proud of the fact that I’m two sizes bigger than most models. Being a stick is so unsexy.

‘I love my food, I can’t drink much because I have a kidney condition, and I’m not going to change my natural shape to conform.’

And Daisy, 19, who recently split with Mark Ronson, 33, can’t understand why so many girls strive to look ultra-skinny.

‘Fashion is about how you dress your body,’ she says. ‘Fashion is also about how you express yourself through clothes.

‘So I just don’t see why models have to be so tiny.’

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