During an interview ahead of his final Bond film Spectre, Daniel Craig claimed he went for the Milk Tray Man role - but lost out to someone else!

If there’s one thing we learnt from the posters for new James Bond movie Spectre, it’s that Daniel Craig wears a black polo neck very well.

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And who else looks good in a black roll neck? The Milk Tray Man, of course.

You might therefore conclude that Daniel would be the perfect choice for the next Milk Tray Man – but Daniel reckons we was turned down for the role!

Daniel made the claim whilst chatting to This Morning’s showbiz reporter Sarah Powell in an exclusive interview.

After discussing his 007 polo necks, Sarah suggested Daniel could have been the new Milk Tray Man, to which the Bond star replied: ‘They’ve got one! I went up for the gig and didn’t get it!’

And when Sarah told him he would have been ‘terrific’ in the role, he replied: ‘Thank you, that’s what I think, but what can you do? The other guy got it.’

Whilst we reckon he’s joking, we have to say – we love the idea of you dressed head to toe in black and delivering chocolates to us, Daniel!

Given this information, it’s no surprise to learn that Daniel hasn’t kept any of the polo necks he wore whilst shooting Spectre, but gave some insight into how tricky it was when it came to his Bond wardrobe during fight scenes.

He said: ‘If I’m in a fight sequence, and it gets ripped at some stage, you have to have five that are ripped and five that are a bit more ripped, and I have to change them as I go on because of the continuity has to stay the same.’

We hope the footage of him changing in and out of his various tops is included as a special feature when Spectre is released on DVD – as we definitely want to see that.

Visit itv.com/thismorning to view the full interview. Spectre is released on Monday 26 October.