Danielle Lineker reveals the reason for getting her boobs done

Danielle Lineker – who is almost as famous for her amazing figure as she is for being Gary Lineker‘s wife – has revealed why she had plastic surgery on her boobs.

After suckling daughter Ella, now 9, her breasts were so different, she decided to go under the knife.

‘My boobs went like wet socks after breastfeeding,’ says Danielle, 31.

‘That’s when I had surgery.’

Danielle had a hard time after giving birth in 2002 and suffered from low self-esteem due to post-natal depression.

‘I was struggling with the responsibility of being a mum,’ she tells the Daily Mail.

‘Your whole life changes.

‘I’m sure some of the depression was hormonal.

‘Once it lifted, everything made sense again.

‘I adore Ella to pieces.

‘She’s always been the centre of my world, but I think I was in a state of shock in the beginning.’

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