But actor loves being a dad


Danny Dyer has revealed his life has completely changed since having children.

The 31-year-old Football Factory actor says he is fiercely protective of his 2 daughters.

‘It changes your whole outlook on life,’ Danny tells Celebs On Sunday. ‘And having 2 girls frightens the life out of me.

‘My 40s is going to be a stressful decade. I’m going to be running round with a baseball bat looking for men who have upset my daughters!’

Danny has Dani, 12, and 17-month-old Sunni with fiancé Joanne Mas, but says the couple have no immediate plans for marriage.

‘I haven’t even thought about it,’ he says. ‘I’ll just let Joanne get on with it. I’ll raise the funds and stay out of the picture.’

Bronwen Roberts

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