Hot men (David Beckham included) and chocolate!? Yes, per-lease!

There’s no better way to celebrate the fact it’s Friday than by combining two of our favourite things; hot men and chocolate!

Cadbury is on the hunt for a new Milk Tray man and incase you’re unsure as to what we’re on about, cast your minds back (or just give it a google…) to 2003, when the polo neck clad man last made a TV appearance. In fact, Cadbury have used a Milk Tray hero in various TV ads since 1968 with the slogan, ‘And all because the lady loves Milk Tray.’

Milk Tray man

Milk Tray man


To cut a long story short, the Milk Tray man embarks on James-Bond style missions in a bid to get the classic Milk Tray to a very lucky woman. SWOON.

We decided to create our own Milk Tray man, using the best body parts from some of the hottest celebrity males.

Can you guess who we’ve used?


Dairy Milk man

Dairy Milk man – Now style!

If you’re just too in love with this beautiful collaboration of men (LOL), then let us reveal.

Using Harry Styles‘ hair, Nick Jonas‘ eyes, Ryan Gosling‘s nose, Prince Harry‘s mouth, David Beckham‘s torso and Joe Hart‘s legs, we’ve made the all new and forever gorgeous, Cadbury Milk Tray man.

Hmm, ok, so maybe these six men look better individually but hey ho, it was worth a shot.

So erm, if you know anyone who looks like this…or anybody equally as gorgeous (cough) then get in touch because Cadbury wants YOU.

A new ad is being aired this Friday evening starring 1987’s Milk Tray man, James Coombes.

Speaking about their hunt, Tony Bilsborough, spokesman for Cadbury, revealed: ‘The key point is the new Milk Tray man won’t be chosen just for his derring-do, diving off cliffs into shark-infested waters. It will be as much about traits such as thoughtfulness. Leaping off a bridge on to a moving train is not as relevant as it was perhaps in the 1960s, there has to be a little more to gift giving.’

Anyone over 18 can register their interest – or nominate a friend at a special Cadbury website.

The winner will get a one-year contract to front the chocolate brand throughout 2016.

We cannot WAIT to see who they pick!