Dawn is glad that she and Lenny reached an understanding

When Dawn French and Lenny Henry ended their 25-year marriage in 2010, Dawn was convinced she’d never fall in love again – and then she met charity executive Mark Bignell.

Dawn has found another special someone in Mark, 49, and has even dedicated her new book Oh Dear Sylvia to him.

‘I definitely didn’t think I would meet someone else,’ admits Dawn. ‘I 100% thought I would be on my own – but that didn’t bother me.

‘I was enjoying having time to myself. I felt very strong and that I really didn’t need a bloke to be happy.

‘I didn’t need to live vicariously through a man and I didn’t need a knight in shining armour, I’m not sentimental like that.

‘And then of course that is when I met him [Mark] just a couple of days later.’

Dawn, 55, and Lenny, 54 – who are mum and dad to adopted daughter Billie, 20, remain on good terms after talking over how to end their relationship.

‘We said, “Before other people find out what is happening let’s make sure we have everything sorted between ourselves about how we want to do this,’ Dawn tells the Daily Mirror.

‘So in that time before other people knew we got a bit drunk, talked and were very good friends.

‘It was extremely revealing and very upsetting at the time but I am really glad we did it because I have clearly moved on… and so has he.’

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