Naughty Boy has reportedly tweeted THIS mock-up picture of Zayn Malik as a woman, and it is causing quite a lot of drama...

‘SHOCKING ZAYN MALIK NEWS’ is something we have very much become used to saying- in fact, it might as well be tattooed on our foreheads it’s been said so much this past month (we’re renaming it Zaugust)…

And it seems the 22-year-old has been making waves from the other side of the pond… AGAIN. But this time it’s not entirely intentional as Zayn has actually fallen victim to the wrath of music producer Naughty Boy… again *tries not to look excited*.

In what is already a well established Twitter feud (perhaps this is time to politely remind you of the ‘fat joke’ insult…), it seems 30-year-old Naughty Boy is a bit of a dab hand at Photoshop.

And his secret skill has churned up a storm, with countless Zayn fans currently reposting screenshots reported to be NB‘s mock up of Zayn as a woman- with  the following tweet ‘Stop making a fool of yourself cuz @zaynmalik lol  #getagrip.

This has inevitably RAGED Zayniacs worldwide, with countless Twitter attacks on NB over the alleged tweet from all corners of the Zarmy (Zayn army- we really must stop these puns but they’re just so fun),  ‘Naughty Boy deleted his tweet he’s so weak’, ‘Stop being a stupid kid and GROW UP you stupid’.

But with every cloud there is a silver lining right? Well, this silver lining comes in the form of a Zayniac who poses a VERY strong point- ‘all naughty boy proved in that deleted tweet is that Zayn can look good in any hairstyle’. Mischellaneous Twitter user, we see where you’re coming from.

However, it seems that Zayn has other matters of ‘Twitter shade’ at hand- get ready to feel the burn Miss Perrie Edwards.

Instead of any correspondence with Naughty Boy, he instead retweeted an account asking followers to choose between Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. We suppose you can guess who Zayn favoured…


Well now, what a shady day *removes sunglasses and flicks hair*…

Little Mix’s Jesy has just thrown some serious shade at Zayn Malik!


Alice Perry