Uh-oh EastEnders! The residents of Walford could be forced to up sticks and move

Watch out Phil Mitchell the BBC are planning to take the bulldozers to EastEnders‘ Albert Square!

But fear not, there are already plans in place to build a bigger and better set next door to house our favourite cockney personalities.

In news that will see Dot Cotton worry about her wrinkles, the broadcaster is upping its game in order to cope with HD TV demands for EastEnders.

The set based in Elstree, Hertfordshire will go to make way for new shops, a high street and a new underground station, as well as houses made out of real bricks in order to deal with the detail of HD quality

The date of completion is expected to be 2018, should the plans be approved, but bosses refused to disclose the cost, saying it was ‘commercially sensitive information’.

Dominic Treadwell-Collins, Executive Producer at the soap, said: ‘This is a really exciting project and firmly demonstrates the BBC’s commitment to the future of EastEnders.

‘We have ambitious plans for the show and the new exterior set will help bring those to life and better reflect the East End of London on screen for audiences.

‘The bigger and improved set will increase the potential for storylines, increase quality and meet the demands of future technology requirements.

‘Crucially, it will provide a greater sense of scale with more locations for our characters to spend time in, opening up new areas and opportunities that haven’t been possible before – all of which are in the best interest of our viewers.’

As part of the plans to build the new set, the BBC have been forced to commission three bizarre bat surveys to find out if any of the flying critters will inhabit the proposed site.

Needless, to say they found none.


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