Danny Dyer goes into great detail about his first sexual experience, and it really wasn't what we were expecting...

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has opened up about his first ever sexual experience.

And if you thought it’d be a triumphant tale of success and stunning ladies, then I’m afraid you’re sadly mistaken.


In his new book, The World According to Danny Dyer, the actor writes: ‘Look, ya’ve been warned. This is not for the faint-hearted. Nor the weak stomached. To be honest, I wish I could blank it from my mind,’

‘It was one geezer’s birthday in the pub and at noon they got a couple of strippers in. These women could best described as rough and ready.

‘They was ready and they was certainly rough – a bit of the Stone Age figure going on, never seen 21 again, nor 41 either, you get the picture?

‘This isn’t some sweeping judgment on people of a certain age, either. We are judged by our actions, not how we look, and by actions they was filth.’

Intrigued where this is all going? Well brace yourselves.

Also I feel we should just point out that young Danny was just 10-years-old when this happened.

He continued: ‘One of my mates, who I won’t name, was about 16 at the time. He gets up on stage with them and, in front of 50 geezers – make sure ya ready, not just eaten or nothing like that – she puts a strap-on dildo and does him up the bottle.

‘He was really into it. Try doin’ the Lambeth Walk after that, you slag. I can still see the expression on his face. It was bizarrely refined, like Sherlock Holmes enjoying a bit of violin.

‘He had a fixation about the Old Khyber. One time he poured Bloody Mary in there. He wandered off. We found him by the following the trail of tomato juice.”

Speechless? Yes, us too.

*The World According To Danny Dyer: Lessons From The East End is available from October 22