Looks like there could be a little Lacey on the way in the not-too-distant future!

EastEndersLacey Turner has twice become a mum on screen as Stacey Slater and it sounds like life could be imitating art very soon.

The actress, 28, got engaged to long-term boyfriend Matt Kay in September and has now revealed that she’s keen to start a family in the not-too-distant future – exciting!


Lacey Turner gets engaged – and you’ve GOT to see the ring!

When asked if she and Matt are hoping to have children, Lacey says: ‘Yes, we’d love to.

‘I’m ready for motherhood and I want four children – Matt wants three. We need something a bit more exciting in our lives!’

Awww. Lacey and Matt – who have been dating since they were just 15 – live in a four-bedroom house in Hertfordshire with their dogs Dexter and Reggie and Matt is just as keen to welcome a new addition.

‘We need a different excuse other than the dogs to not go out,’ he jokes. ’I’m ready, too.’

And with that big old house all set, Lacey tells OK!: ‘We’ve got a few empty bedrooms which we need to fill.’

Ooh, sounds like there could be a little Lacey on the way very soon then!

GIF Lacey Turner

It’s not the only exciting thing potentially coming up for the EastEnders star as there’s obvs the small matter of a wedding to plan.

Matt proposed to Lacey during a romantic trip to Venice in September and the couple are aiming to get hitched in 2017.

‘It will hopefully happen next year,’ the soap star reveals. ‘We’re trying to keep it quite small but it’s hard as Matt’s got a huge family.

‘I haven’t done much planning yet.’

It sounds like the nuptials will be pretty special as the pair are still as smitten as when they started dating as teenagers.

‘When I was younger and thought about wanting a house and dogs, Matt was in the picture, too,’ Lacey explains.

‘It’s rare to find someone you click with and want to spend the rest of your life with, and luckily we’ve found it.’

All together now – awww.