Ed Sheeran is set to star in a very special episode of Home and Away... Read the exclusive details here!

Home and awwwwwaaaay…. *Sing to tune of Home and Away theme song*

As August turns more and more into Gloomgust (C’mon seriously, where IS the sun?!), we can only wonder how lovely sun drenched Aussieland must be. Please, remind us… what is this mysterious ‘summer’ you people talk of?!

One person who HAS had his fair share of vitamin D this year is our favourite flame haired crooner, Ed Sheeran.

And it looks like Ed will have been saying ‘G’day’ to a lot of his Australian fans recently… the 24-year-old has just been announced as a guest star in a very special episode of Home and Away!

Mr Sheeran went down under to film his acting debut, venturing to the iconic Home and Away locations of Palm Beach to film several scenes, including appearances in Angelo’s and the Summer Bay Diner. Crikey Sheila!

However, Ed will not be playing Ed– he is instead the role of Teddy, whom was nannied by Marilyn during her time in England. And luckily for us Teddy decided to have a gander over to Australia to see Marilyn, finding himself smack bang in the middle of some Home and Away antics.

And as expected, members of cast were full of praise for the lovely Ed. Alec Snow, who plays Matt Page, said ‘it was an awesome experience filming with Ed because he seemed like a really down-to-earth, nice guy that genuinely wanted to be there. It was funny seeing how star-struck everyone both on and off set was. It was quite entertaining seeing the effect he had on everyone around him’.

News of Ed’s acting debut follows reports of some charitable ventures in his home town of Surrey- Ed has reportedly bought a police station with the aim of renovating it into a youth club. It is also alleged that Ed is planning to spend a month volunteering in his local charity shop.

So there you have it… countless music awards, a pending Oscar and one VERY big heart. You go, Sheeran!

Expect to see Ed down under on Channel 5 sometime during winter…