So, Ellie Goulding was spotted wearing ANOTHER ring on her engagement finger at the MTV EMAs and we're really, REALLY hoping it's for real this time!

After Ellie Goulding was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger at the MTV EMA’s there’s a serious amount of speculation that it come be true this time!


Here’s 7 reasons why the ‘Love Me Like You Do’ singer should FINALLY engaged to McBusted’s Dougie Poynter.

1. The ‘Hottest Couple’ Award goes to…

Where’s better to start than with first impressions and appearances?

It’s no secret that Ellie, 28, and Dougie, 27, are two of the hottest stars we’ve laid our eyes on but as a couple… woah!

Since the couple started dating in December 2013 our Instagram feeds have been filled with adorable ‘us-ies’ of the pair whilst on tour, at the gym and in the privacy of their home together.

And whilst their unbelievably cute photos may leave us feeling EXTREMELY jealous and lonely, we can’t help but feel that they’re perfect for each other…

Gym-obsessed? Check! Luscious beach blonde locks? Check! Killer rocker stage presence? Check!

Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter

Good looking or WHAT?!

2. The Real Deal

…Because appearences aren’t everything guys! We’re sorry to break it to you, but it would seem that Dougie is also the puuurfect boyfriend too.

He’s been there for Ellie since the start of their relationship: supporting her at events, accompanying her on stage (he even played the tambourine!) and most recently supporting Ellie after she was diagnosed with a heart problem which has limited the amount of exercise the Nike Brand Ambassdor can take part in.

A source said that ‘Dougie has been doing everything he can to reassure her’.

‘It’s a major lifestyle change – when he goes off to work out, Ellie can’t always join him now,’ but apparently ‘she’s able to enjoy the extra time she has at the end of the day with him, just watching box sets’.

Couple goals or what?

3. The Wedding Rings

We’ve been teased with a couple of potential engagement announcements (see gallery above for pics!) but the couple’s matching skull and cross bone tattoos are definitely our favs, which leaves us wondering what on earth would they pick to have as a wedding ring?!


4. He’s ‘The One’

Ellie has openly spoken out about how much she loves McBusted bandmate Dougie on numerous occassions saying: ‘He is definitely the one forever.’

The 28 year-old added that ‘when I was a teenager, I fancied him but I thought he was so out of my league. Way too good-looking for me.’ Has Ellie ever seen herself in a mirror?!

And when Ellie was accepting an award at this year’s Glamour Awards she announced to the audience ‘My boyfriend is the coolest person in the world. Definitely punching above my weight.’

Yes, Ellie needs a good shaking but we all know there’s no feeling better than knowing you’ve bagged an ABSOLUTE hottie!

She definitely made the right decision when deciding not to set the McBusted star up with a friend telling The Sun: ‘I approached him to set him up with my friend, […] then I was like, ‘No! I’ve got to have him!’

5. Dougie’s Wedding Speech

We’ve all seen Tom Fletcher from McBusted’s wedding speech (if you haven’t where have you been – seriously!?)

And even Dougie has admitted that his fellow bandmates have set the bar pretty high but we’re still holding out hope for a super romantic speech of somesorts from the shyest member of the group.

…It’s always the quite ones.

6. Guest List & DJ

With friends ranging from ‘Bad Blood’ singer Tay-Tay and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris to… Craig David, we’re sure the wedding would have one of the BEST guestlists!

But we’re even more excited about the couple’s first dance song. Ellie sang her hit song ‘How Long Will I Love You?’ at Dougie’s fellow bandmate – Danny Jone’s wedding, so could he and the rest of McBusted return the favour?

OR! Or… Could Taylor and Calvin team up to create the best song in history?! (We’re not even exaggerating.) How exciting would that be?

Ellie has got us all excited saying ‘Calvin Harris has already offered to play at our wedding. Not that we’ve organised one. But the offer has been made.’

Calvin Harris Ellie Goulding | Now Magazine | Pictures |

Hopefully this won’t happen at the wedding. AWKS! PS – this was for a video

7. Brooding for babies

Who can resist a cute baby?! Not Ellie… ‘My sister had a baby five months ago and she’s the most adorable kid. She is gorgeous and I’m not just saying that.’

But what about one that shares genes with Ellie AND Dougie?

Ellie added that ‘Having a baby is so life affirming and such a beautiful thing.’

‘And I’m nearly 30. I’m not a teenager any more so yes, I’m broody.’

‘Dougie and I do talk about babies, it’s natural I suppose. We talk without it being weird.’

Emily Thornhill