Both Ellie Goulding and boyfriend Dougie Poynter both post videos of them working out with their gym buddies

Ellie Goulding and Dougie Poynter – we LOVE you dearly, but can you please stop putting the rest of us mere mortals to shame please!

Not only are you the hottest and most adorable couple out there, with enough tumbling blonde locks to make even Barbie jealous, but you’re both complete fitspirations to gals and guys all over social media.

And if snaps of their smokin’ hot bods wasn’t enough to spur us into lacing up our trainers straight away, they’ve both also shared shots of just HOW they get those slammin’ bodies of theirs.

Dougie took to Instagram to show the THOUSANDS *cough* of pull-ups that he clocks in to get those band-worthy guns. Tagging fellow McBusted and McFly member Harry Judd, it’s unsurprisingly that the pair not only tour and rock out together, but also work out together. Well, they are #Pudd after all.

While music’s favourite bassist and drummer combo may not be the most shocking pairing to ever hit the weights together, 27-year-old Dougie’s girlfriend has also been working out, but her gym BFF may be someone you might not have expected.

Posting a black and white vid of what seems like a pretty IN-tense workout, full of jumping, crawls and sit-ups, Ellie shared with us that her insane figure unfortunately isn’t down to cocktails and secret bowls of cereal at midnight. Dammit.

And who was working up a sweat with the 28-year-old singer? Only former Made-in-Chelsea star and all-round babe, Millie Mackintosh!

Married to Professor Green, the 26-year-old’s body is one that we’re going stick on the inside of our gym locker, as well as Ellie’s, to whip our butt into hard-working motion!

As if being the fittest couple in showbiz wasn’t enough, Ellie and Dougie also have buff buddies to work out with too!

You know what they say, friends who work out together, stay together!

Aw! Ellie’s fancied Dougie since day 1!


Watch Millie take on our 60-second style challenge!

Amy Lo